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Age: 41
Sex: woman
Phone: 0948413877
City: Bratislava
Region: Bratislavský
Height: 163
Weight: 60
Rates: 102-76-96
Breast: 5

Gentlemen looking for something special and RELAX without TIME STRESS - TRUE TRAFFILS AND RELATIONSHIP THAT YOU WILL HELP WITH YOUR SEX PRIVITELY. I'm totally different from the babies in the family-but convince myself.

I ask at least ½-3/4 h for preparation.


I have more than enough practice and certificates to know what to do with a pleasant masculine body so that it can be supplemented.

 I OFFER YOU MORE MORE THAN A SELF SEX! Treat yourself to Relaxation, Well-being and Mix Massage with unbelievable climax and surprise at the end. Happy End is included - it can be in different forms. 0948413877

MY SPECIALTIES, and also the priority, is to spoil the gentle touch of my hands, my body, my breasts.

I am a CERTIFIED MASSAGE that has studied various types of massages (from the very foundation - classical massage with the certificate of the Ministry of Education of the SR), reflex, acupressure to the so- therapeutic massages) not only in Slovakia but also in Bohemia, and last time I learned in Thai school

For a very long time, I have also been working with energy-reiki and various kinds of erotic massages with orgasm that I have not experienced.

& profi Tantra, NURU, Erotic Massage, Mix of Ending Massage (what will happen to it ...)


Standard 90min. program: erotic massage, nuru massage - whole body, breast hands, a little tantra + strong climax + classical (Thai, point body massage, - I have physically done together how many times I get that time) ... a few minutes up and down

In massage, I tend to be naked if you do not try differently.

Royal "massage" associated with long-lasting and strong orgasm and therapeutic massage is about NAJ - 2h.-more on my site.

(What time of performance can not be measured with time until the consequences - and if you rush to say do not think that we have been talking for a long time)

The prices are also indicative at the bottom of the ad.

All the specifications that the program means what and which includes everything that will be gradually published on my site - in the preparatory stage, you will find a significant blog. Various sexual practices and games, specialties - I can handle everything

BUT SEX SEXY IS NOT MY PRIORITY With me you will find what else you do not. (A priori I can not rule out the possibility of it) However, sexual practices LEN WITH PROTECTION.

I am very honored if I like you and I greatly appreciate your interest.

But I want to do what I do, and what I like to do. THIS IS WHAT YOU DO NOT FIND INDE.

For me, the maximum satisfaction of the client is essential, and if I do not want to make anything, I have to focus on you and your sensitive places that you did not even know you had them

Do not worry ..

I do not look at my watch as I do not like stress and rush

I'm in Petržalka near Euronics - TPD. Parking all around free of charge

Forklift "Farsky", bus number: 95, 84, 99 New tram line 1 +3 via the Old Bridge. Zástavka Farského.

Prices are indicative and can always be agreed if we are decent, and it depends especially on performance not time

If you want to please, please:

60min - 80 € - erotic massage + what we will agree on

90min - 120 € - Thai and Tantra Massage plus everything (overturn to all) ...

120min and more-royal massage about 2 hours - the price of an individual agreement is usually 160 €.

- It also depends on the program.

1/2 hour - 60Eur

I am very much involved in health care and since I have health education - without protection, I do not do anything - please understand (surely I will not put on rubber gloves on you) ...
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